How We Do It 

Perras DiStefano Construction & Design Services Inc. provides tailor-made services for our clients to provide a best-fit solution for their individual needs and projects. There are several delivery methods available which we discuss with each of our customers  

General Contracting 

The contractor provides construction services for a lump sum or firm price. The price is based on specific construction documents (drawings and specifications) which are prepared by designers hired by the customer.

Under this method, the contractor is not involved in the design phase and adheres to the contract documents and price. Work will not commence until all construction documents have been completed and a contractor has been selected. 

Construction Management 

Under this method of project delivery, we act as Construction Manager and provide advice, guidance, and administration on a project. The services apply during the design phase, construction phase, and postconstruction phase.

The first type of Construction Management (CM) is an “owner-at-risk” model. It’s the traditional “pure construction management”, whereby the owner acts as the contractor and enters into contracts directly with all the trade contractors and suppliers. The CM acts as an agent for the owner, and provides guidance, administrative and advisory services, but has no contractual obligations to the vendors and sub-trades.

The second type of Construction Management puts the CM at risk. This is a “hybrid construction management” option whereby the CM provides both administrative services and construction services. We are basically the contractor and manager. This method removes much of the burden from the customer. The CM provides management services in the preconstruction and postconstruction phases and also provides all the construction services.


This method of project delivery entrusts the entire project to one entity. As the DesignBuild contractor, we take on a single point of responsibility for the project by providing the design and construction services for the entire project under one lump sum contract. This allows the owner to deal with one entity for all the project requirements.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Perras DiStefano Construction has been the authorized regional dealer for “Butler Building Systems” since 1998. Butler Manufacturing is a world leader and pioneer of steel building systems. We provide complete custom-designed pre-engineered steel buildings, steel roof retrofits, wall systems, and steel mezzanine systems. Furthermore, to ensure superior project quality, we employ our own experienced steel erection crews for the erection of the buildings.